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ES SYSTEM K is a company that creates refrigeration equipment with passion for the whole retail sector. For ages, we have been observing changing shopping trends, nutritional habits as well as changing reality. We create devices that meet out customers’ expectations today and in the future. We prove that refrigeration can have a style. It can be designed and produced with due regard to customers and employers’ requirements as well as the environment and for the sake of our future.

Refrigeration cabinets are responsible for the half of electricity consumption at a shop. It has become a challenge for us to make changes and limitations in this respect.


energy saving doors

Energy Saving Doors

Revolutionary solution on the basis of new material for the door frame that does not require the use of heaters (reduction of electricity consumption to minimum).

smart shop control

Smart Shop Control

Module to communicate and control of refrigeration cabinets at shop with the possibility of prediction of potential failures. It allows users to optimize parameters of operation of work in order to limit the electricity consumption.


Natural refrigerants

Almost 100% of refrigeration appliances from ES SYSTEM K's offer are adapted to work based on natural refrigerants: R290 (GWP=3) i CO2 (GWP =1).


And more sustainable solutions!



Our core values are:



Truth is the foundation of our activity, the basis that ensures the correctness of our relationships. This means acting in such a way that every day you can reach out to a colleague from behind the desk, supervisor, customer and a supplier. This means compliance with internal rules in organization and commitments to our business partners.


We are the youngest company in the industry in Poland, but the involvement of our team allows us to reach for more. Every day we prove that the cooling device can not only cool well, but also look aesthetically pleasing, and through a well-carried out design process bring tangible benefits to our customers.



Our decisions, like the butterfly effect, translate into the work and fate of other people, both in our immediate and further surroundings. We are aware of the consequences of our actions, therefore we analyze the needs of our employees, we care for their safety, we act in respect of the natural environment.


We constantly face new challenges, enrich our know-how, invest in machinery. We go against the flow of the river to explore new directions in modern trade and refrigeration, and get satisfaction from it. We care about the development of our employees and we appreciate their contribution to the development of the company.



Our team is a group of people with diverse interests and professions. Each employee plays an important role in the organization, and by acting in a team we have even greater strength and power of action. Every day we inspire and complement each other to be able to offer the best solutions for the refrigeration industry.

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